After 16 years working in the furniture industry, with experiences ranging from idea generation, design and production development and art direction, RUI PEREIRA has decided to start a new venture.
PEREIRA OFFICE reflects a shifting interest from solely designing products, to broaden the field of action and help companies defining strategical developments, to create meaningful, long lasting narratives, with a positive social and environmental impact.


RUI PEREIRA is a product designer born in PORTUGAL. His ceaseless interest in learning from different cultures and mindsets led him to become a nomad: he has lived in Valencia and Milan, where he has worked for Spanish designer Patricia Urquiola and is currently based in Copenhagen where he works as design and visual direction manager for danish furniture brand HAY.

By working and contacting with different realities he has progressively developed a critical position towards the design industry processes and society in general. His research focus on finding new perspectives and experiences by proposing or redefining product typologies which create an immediate connection with the user and simultaneously raising awareness on relevant contemporary issues.

In his projects, RUI explores the potentialities of materials and manufacturing techniques, making use of a sharp language to ultimately deliver clear pertinent objects.


Product and Design Development,
Art Direction, Creative Strategy, Consultancy, Circuler Design.


HAY, Please Wait to be Seated, Industry +, Vicara, Sofalca, Texturae


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