Designed for HAY in collaboration with Ryosuke Fukusada, Brim draws inspiration from the classic glass pendants found in 'tascas,' 'trattorias,' and 'bodegas' worldwide. Our fascination with the precision and detailed definition offered by pressed glass led us to design a fluted pattern that enhances light diffusion, facilitating its even and soft spread.

For the light source, with the intention of eliminating any visible light bulbs, we developed an injection-molded plastic sphere. This sphere not only houses the two light bulbs (please consult development for the exact bulb type) but also features a perimeter brim used to support the lampshade—a detail that defines the product's name.

The light source not only provides the surface below with generous diffuse light but also emits a soft indirect light upwards, creating a calm and inviting environment. Utilizing pressed glass enables us to achieve a well-balanced shade with a distinctive silhouette at a competitive price, in line with the brand's democratic values.

This compact pendant lamp, designed to be used in clusters, also works exceptionally well in smaller spaces such as hallways, dining sets, over counters, or in a linear configuration. Inspired by apothecary containers, three glass colors were carefully chosen for the shade: clear, green, and grey—tones intended to complement various environments and moods.

This lamp updates a typology that is very know to us all with a new materiality and upwards ambient light, making it suitable for all kinds of environments.

It was designed for disassembly, allowing all components to be taken apart and recycled at the end of its life. The materials used were selected to ensure a long-lasting and durable product that can gracefully withstand the passage of time.

The purity of the light source, combined with the delicate fluted pattern featured in the glass shade, imparts the lamp with a recognisable yet neutral feel, hopefully turning it into a timeless piece.

2024 // In collaboration with Ryosuke FukusadaProduced by HAY
Photos courtesy of HAY 


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