This series of objects are an investigation on massive plastic consumption and its environmental impact. A reformlation of the plastic waste's cycle and how it can be transformed into alternative everyday objects, in a post-consumer handcraft-work attitude.

During winter storms all kinds of plastic waste reaches the shore. The primise of this project was to collect this 'raw' material, which contaminates our beaches and oceans, and rework it, give it a new life and consequently creating consumer awareness on this critical issue.

Another aspect of this project, was to call attention on the urge to sort waste materials by categories, promoting circularity on the supplier chain. By engaging people in my community to start gather their plastic waste, I created a range of objects which would direclty represent the potencial of re-use in an almost naive way.

In this same spirit, a lampshade was made, during a live performance, using plastic containers collected in a period of three months in laundromats around NYC.

The finished product was then presented in occasion of ICFF 2010 at Urbano gallery (36th west 9 avenue NYC) on a collective exhibition.

2006-2017 // Self Production. Order by request.
Photos by Rui Pereira and David Vidal 


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