Tanque is a water container/flower pot inspired by Milanese street vendors. Every week there was a food market on my street and I was always amazed to see how vendors created and developed their own display stands in order to exhibit fruits, flowers, fishes and meat.

These pieces aim to freeze this ready-made attitude, paying homage to the vendors ingenuity and pragmatic use of resources, in order to create functional objects.

Red clay was the material selected for this collection, which was then mixed it with natural Portuguese materials, such as granite stone ‘Pedras Salgadas’ and Cryptomeria wood from Azores islands.

These containers can be used both as vases, flower pots or even as aquariums.

Designed for 'Terracotta Everyday' exhibition powered by FID – Federazione Italiana del Design in a collective between 10 young Italian designers, presented during Milan Design Week at Superstudio.
2014 // Available for edition.
Photos by Alessio Monzani


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